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The campsite is situated next to the climatic health resort Hauenstein (about 4000 inhabitants) and extends to a space of about 25.000 sqm. of meadows.
It is possible that several groups can camp at the  same time (about 400 to 500 persons). Big camps of 800 persons maximum are possible.

You can reach the village with ist shops, as well as the  Wasgau open-air swimming pool in only a few minutes.

The campsite is divided into 4 sections:

  •     180 - 220 persons
  •     130 - 160 persons
  •      60 -   80 persons
  •      30 -   40 persons

The youth campsite serves only for youth care. It should care for and support the sense of community inside the group. Only youth groups under responsible running are allowed to use the place.