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 number of persons  price in euros  addition
 1 - 40 persons  5,50 €  per person
 from 41 persons  4,50 €  per person /minimum amount per day: 200,00 €

This is valid from 3  nights on:

 In case of 1 - 2 overnight stays up to 99 persons a surcharge of 1 euro each, from 100 persons on a surcharge of 0,50 cent must be paid. In the peak season from July to August at least 3 overnight stays should be booked and the size of the group should at  least be 30 persons.
The campsite is suitable for 400 - 500 persons. For this reason sole use is not possible. In exceptional cases, if it is organizationally possible, from 250 persons up, we can make a special arrangement for exclusive use.


Special arrangement for school classes:

For classes there is a special arrangement. You will receive further detail at the Tourist -  Information at the Schuhmuseum (Shoe-museum), Turnstraße 5, 76846 Hauenstein, Tel. 06392/92 33 34 0, Fax 06392/92 33 34 2, every day from 10:00 - 17:00 h.