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Youth campsite order in the health resort with particularly good air, Hauenstein

1. Purpose

The campsite is only made for youth welfare. It shall cultivate and support the community spirit within the group. Only youth groups conducted by responsible persons are allowed to use the place. For exceptions you need the permission of the community.

2. Registration

The registration takes place in writing or by e-mail  to the Tourist-Information in the Museum, Turnstr.5 76846 Hauenstein, phone number 06392/915-165, Fax: 06392/915-172. Opening hours are every day from 9:30 o´clock till 17:00 o´clock. The registration must be made in any case by  written confirmation. It has to contain the name of the organization, the  responsible leader, the number of participants and the time of arrival and departure With the approval the responsible leader gets a drawing up of the campsite plan for whose keeping  he  is responsible. The groundsman receives a copy of the approval.

3. Use

The groundsman allocates a special place to the group. Constructing the campsite you have to follow the instructions of the groundsman. Motor vehicles of  the users of the campsite or of visitors are in principle not allowed to park on the campsite. In case of contravention the groundsman banishes the group from the campsite without right of indemnity. As a matter of fact the vehicles must be parked in this way that driveways and transit ways are kept free. The vehicles can be parked, for loading and unloading, on the indicated area.  The use of the campsite requires mutual respect and consideration. In case of occupancy of more than one group,music  with amplifier must be approved. During night-time from 23.00 ò clock - 8.00 ò clock you have to keep absolutely quiet. For the carrying out of events during night-time the  permission of the groundsman is necessary.

4. Firewood

The firewood must be acquired from a private trader or - as far as available - from the community on  favourable terms. If firewood is brought, it must be indicated at the arrival to the groundsman. The origin of the wood must be provided evidence of on demand. If this is not possible, the groundsman can demand a fee of 50,00 € - 250,00 €. It is forbidden to burn pallets and other unsuitable  materials. The felling of trees is not allowed. If, nevertheless trees are cut down unlawfully,a compensation of 250,00 € must be paid to the  community. Groups incur liability as joint debtor. The entering of the forest with corresponding tool (like saws, axes or hatchets) is also not allowed.
Open fire must be kept under surveillance during the day and extinguished at night. Only the acknowledged fireplaces can be used on the  campsite. If somebody unlawfully puts on a fireplace, he must  pay the operator of the youth campsite compensation  to the amount of 100,00 €. The person who causes any forest fire, is liable for it.
Apart from this every leader of the camp is responsible for his own group. It is also forbidden to dig ditches around the tents.

5. Waste Collection
The complete refuse, including slops and kitchen waste, has in principle only be put into sacks  obtainable free of charge from the groundskeeper. The visitors of the campsite have - after consultation  with the groundskeeper - to throw their refuse in the container provided by the community. It is strictly forbidden to bury the refuse.
If the refuse is deposited improperly, a charge of up to 100,00 € can be levied.

6. Sanitary facilities

The cleaning of the sanitary facilities must be carried out by the groups themselves. The cleaning - in case of several groups -  has to be arranged with the groundskeeper who, if necessary, draws up a cleaning schedule. If the cleaning is not carried out in accordance with the regulations, a charge of 50,00 € - 250 € depending on the length of stay and the size of the group must  be levied. Toilet paper is made available in usual quantities.

7. Fee

The hire charge results from a separate supplement which is an annex of these rules for the campsite.
After obtaining permission, a deposit in an amount of 50 % of the charges incurred has to be transferred to  the Verbandsgemeindekasse (Register of the  Community), Konto Nr. 30 000 368 (account number) at the Kreissparkasse Pirmasens, BLZ 542 500 10 (bank sorting code) within 30 days. The balance due must be paid after arrival in the Touristinformation at the Museum, Turnstr. 5.

8. Bail

The bail depending on the size of the group is from 50,00 € - 500,00 €.

9. Domiciliary right

The groundsman performs the domiciliary right on behalf of the mayor. His instructions have to be followed by all users and visitors of the campsite. In cases of violation of legal regulations or of serious violations of the campsite order, especially of  clause 3 and 4, the groundsman, mayor or the councillors in their places can send off the group  concerned from the campsite.

10. Liability

The responsible leader is liable for  the damages which the group causes to the community or third. Damage must be immediately reported to the  groundsman. For damage of  the state of the place and of the equipping the community does not incur liability.

11. Withdrawal or Change of Number of People

The user of the campsite can terminate the lease before the beginning of  it via written statement towards the campsite owner (community  of Hauenstein) (Ortsgemeinde Hauenstein). Decisive is the time of receipt of the notice of cancellation at the owner. If the tenant withdraws from the tenancy agreement, he has to pay compensation for the costs incurred of the owner and the lost profits in the following  amount.
Withdrawal until 180 days before the beginning of the rent;   10 % of the total price at least 25,00 €
Withdrawal until   90 days before the beginning of the rent;   20 % of the total price at least 25,00 €
Withdrawal until 60 days before the beginning of the rent;     30 % of the total price at least 25,00 €
Withdrawal until 30 days before the beginning of the rent;     50 % of the total price at least 25,00 €

The tenant can establish proof of the owner having as result a smaller damage. The tenant can, in case of withdrawal from the  contract, nominate a replacement tenant who is ready to join, at his place, the existing contractual relationship.
The landlord can contradict the joining of the third, when he seems to be economically or personally unreliable. If a third person joins the existing lease he and the  previous tenant are liable for the landlord as joint debtor for the rent and for the additional costs coming into being from the joining of the third person.

If it turns out that there is a change in the number of people announced of  more than 10 %, all the same a campsite fee for 90 % of the announced persons must be paid.

76846 Hauenstein, 31. Oktober 1999

Ortsgemeinde Hauenstein
Markus Pohl